About The Pacific Most Wanted Web Site

This website is created for the purpose of enlisting help from the public to locate wanted criminals.  This site is uniquely designed to enable local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement agencies to work closer with each other, as well as the public, to bring wanted criminals to justice. 

Law Enforcement agencies through this region may utilize this site to feature individuals that have committed serious crimes with their jurisdictions.

Participating Agencies

Judiciary of Guam Marshals
Judiciary of Guam Probation Officers
Guam Police Department
Department of Corrections Officers
Guam International Airport Police Officers
Customs and Quarantine Officers
Department of Agriculture Conservation Officers
Attorney Generals Office
Port Authority of Guam Police Officers
Andersen Air Force Base Security Officers
Naval Base Guam Security Officers
US Marshals
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Coast Guard Investigation Services
US Department of Homeland Security
US Attorney's Office

Guam Fire Department
Department of Public Health
Guam Department of Education
Guam Homeland Security