About This Site
This website has been created by the Mariana Law Enforcement Regional Information Network (MLRIN) in partnership with agencies identified below for citizens to report tips intended to aid in the apprehension of the Most Wanted Fugitives located in the Pacific Islands.  Read more >>

Participating Agencies

Guam International Airport Police

Guam Department of Corrections


Most Wanted Fugitives
 Wanted criminals can be dangerous, therefore never try to apprehend a fugitive yourself. Always contact law enforcement for assistance.


Report Wanted Persons
Help us apprehend fugitives featured on this website by locating the fugitive and submitting an anonymous tip. Click on the button below to submit a tip on criminals not yet listed.

Status of Your Tips?

Click here to see the status of tips submitted over the last 90 days. 

Helping Without Calling the Police

Anyone in the community can now participate with minimal effort ANONYMOUSLY.

This website operates like a local/regional "crime watch" that allows residents and businesses to locate most wanted fugitives threatening the Mariana Island area. This public safety partnership allows the community to be the additional eyes and ears to law enforcement in order to prevent these fugitives from further victimizing area residents.